Mustache Cufflinks

This pair of mustache cufflinks is intended for a french cuff shirt. Though they work well in pretty much any spare button hole. Still, please take care that the shirt has the right size holes so they don’t fall out. All of our cufflinks are stylistically similar enough that you can mix and match too!

The unlimited version of this link has not one but two mustaches.

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Lava Heat | Heat Lamp, Heater, Outside Heater, Flame Heater, Lava Heat

Heat Lamp, Heater, Outside Heater, Flame Heater, Lava Heat

A Lava Heat Italia Heater ($1,528) is not only a statement of style and elegance but is the virtue of functionality as well. Standing nearly eight feet tall, the impressive engineering and design is second only to the heat and ambient lighting provided by the unit. Radiating up to 41,000 BTU and showing off an adjustable, elegant flame in its weather-tight, . The tube is secured within the powder-coated steel safety grill to keep hands at bay. The Flame height and heat output are adjusted by the included remote control or from the easy-start manual push ignition and control panel.  Lava Heat operates on a standard propane tank which stores in the base. “Flame Failure” protection means if the flame is blown out or extinguished, the gas supply is automatically disconnected.

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The shower beer started during many of our college days, when there was no Shakoozie you had to balance your beer in a shower caddy stocked with your shampoo and soap hoping it did not fall over or water poured into you can. ShaKoozie ($9.99) is built on a simple principle—don’t let a little thing like showering get in the way of drinking beers. ShaKoozie lets you enjoy your favorite canned beverages in the shower

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The Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing | Periodic Table

Okay, we know swearing isn’t big or clever. But it’s effing hilarious when it’s plastered across a quality linen table cloth in the style of the periodic table. Yes, that periodic table; the one that shows various elements arranged in columns and rows according to their increasing atomic number. Or something like that. Brought to you by the satirical geniuses over at Modern Toss, The Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing ($17.30) is emblazoned with colourful swear words and frankly bizarre insults that would make the likes of Shaun Ryder, Malcolm Tucker, Joe Pesci, Gordon Ramsay and maybe even Derek and Clive (kids get Googling) wash their mouths out in shame. Better still it scientifically illustrates the relationship between various jaw-droppingly vulgar slurs. Sort of.

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Timberland Radler Trail Camper Oxford

Whether you’re out backpacking, car camping or just sitting around the backyard firepit, your feet will truly appreciate the packable, water-repellent Timberland Radler Trail Camper Oxford ($65). This lightweight shoe zips completely into itself, so they won’t take up much space in your pack, and as they’re fleece-lined for comfort and feature 42% recycled rubber lug outsoles for superior traction in the woods, you can comfortably venture out to collect more firewood or grab another marshmallow. Can be attached to the outside of your pack with a carabiner when zipped into itself.

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Crown Maple Syrup

maple syrup

Crown Maple Syrup ($18-$52) is crafted exclusively from the sap produced by 25,000 majestic sugar and red maple trees on their 800-acre sustainably managed farm. These varieties produce the sweetest sap on the planet and, combined with the perfect climate of the Hudson River Valley, make it possible for them to produce their Light, Medium and Dark Amber Maple Syrup. With flavors from light brown butter, salted caramel, fresh toffee and brown sugar, Crown Maple Syrup‘s are crafted to produce unique taste profiles with every bite.

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Emergency Clown Nose

clown nose

Is constant frowning ruining your life?  Do you wake up feeling sad and wish that there was a quick way to turn that frown upside down?  Now there is!  Emergency Clown Nose.
No prescription needed, Emergency Clown Nose ($5) is just the thing for a quick laugh.  Keep it with you wherever you go, laughter is the cure for what ails you and you wouldn’t want to be caught joke-less. Side effects include: Busting a gut, splitting a side, almost peeing yourself, lack oxygen from giggle-fits, tickling your funny bone and uncontrollable tears of joy!   Don’t leave home without one!

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Nike SQ Machspeed Square & Round STR8-FIT Tour Driver | nike golf

The SQ Machspeed Square STR8-FIT ($150) driver is designed to maximize the potential of any shot with tour-level power and forgiveness that delivers distance even on miss-hits. The SQ Machspeed Round STR8-FIT ($150) driver is designed exactly like the square model for optimal aerodynamics throughout the swing, air moves closely over and around the club head, reducing drag for maximum speed and energy at impact. STR8-FIT eight-position adjustability provides the ideal face angle for any swing, any shot and to help correct some of the most devastating hooks and slices. Altogether, the SQ Machspeed is built to deliver maximum speed and energy at impact with the ball, for powerful drives.

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Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

zippo emergency fire

In the outdoors, getting a fire started quickly can be a matter of life and death. And with the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit ($12.50) , starting a fire has never been easier. The reliable flint wheel ignition easily lights the water-resistant waxed tinder sticks that can be stored neatly in the lighter compartment. And with a water-resistant O-ring seal built into the case, the contents stay dry. Available only in Safety Orange you will  easily able to find this lighter if dropped or hiding in your pack. Perfect for camping, hiking, extreme altitudes, hunting, and emergency situations.

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Sportsman Racer Model | Sportsman Racer Bike

A Sportsman Flyer Racer Model ($1,250) is a motorized bicycle. It can be pedaled like a bicycle, or once the engine is started it can be driven like a motorcycle. It is very similar in look and feel to motorcycles made just after the turn of the century. The Racer model is true to it’s namesake. This chassis comes properly set-up to carry the Morini S6S 9.4 hp engine. Rear hub is available to complete the drive train. Idler assembly located for motor side chain adjustment. If you like the quick throttle response and durability of a modern two stroke engine, this is the model for you. The Sportsman Racer comes with a certificate of authenticity, serial number and record of the original owners name and build date. Each bike is hand built will all options specific for each customer. Basic kits come with frame, fork and tank.

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